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Veela are a race of magical creatures that greatly resemble humans and are most reminiscent of the Sirens of Greek mythology. Little is known about Veela as a race but it is well known that female Veela take the shape of unearthly beautiful women. Their skin emits a moon-bright glow and they have long, white-gold or silvery-blond hair. Their tall figures seem to glide when they walk. They are also known to be quite volatile at times in regards to their moods. How full-blooded Veela come into being is a topic of debate as it is unknown whether or not male Veela exist. However, it is well-known Veela are able to reproduce with human men with the resulting offspring being half Veela. Female part Veela inherit the creature’s good looks and ability to stun men, although the effect is less pronounced than if the offspring was a full Veela. Unless the father is a wizard or a muggle with recessive genes, the Veela herself will not have magical abilities.

According to muggle myth, Veela are known as shape shifters, though most alluring in their human form. Predominantly women, though there are some males, they are rather mischievous creatures. They enjoy luring men away from their homes or away from their journeys and dancing or singing so that the men are compelled to join them.

Known Traits/Abilities

Charm: A Veela is born with the natural ability to charm men through their movement, voices, and in the case of full-bloods, simply by looking at them. Often the Veela only has to think about being desirable to be so. When a man falls under a Veela’s charm he will often find himself wanting to be near her and willing perform various acts, which vary in daring, in order to impress. Incessant bragging has also been known to occur. Not all males will react the same way under a Veela’s influence; some will have more of a resistance than others.

Also a common misconception among humans about the relationship between a Veela and her chosen mate is that they are somehow magically bonded. This is in fact not true. It is the Veela’s charm and influence that gives the appearance of her mate being completely devoted to her.

Dancing: All Veela are born with the ability and desire to dance. Their dance is known to be magically seductive and adds to the Veela’s overall charm. Veela music and dance has the power to cloud men's minds and make them want to do insane and self-destructive things in order to secure the notice of these desirable creatures.

Transformation: When Veela get angry, they can transform into large bird-like creatures that are akin to Harpies. They develop red eyes and sharp-beaked heads, and scaly wings burst from their shoulders. It is said that they also have the ability to throw fire. The success of a transformation of a Veela depends on their blood purity. Where a full-blooded Veela has the ability to completely transform, a half-blood or less will only take on certain characteristics, such as red eyes, or none at all.

Affect of Blood purity on Abilities

Full-blood: The affect of a Veela’s abilities is highly dependent on their blood purity. A full-blooded Veela will retain and exhibit all traits and powers associated with the race without exception, including a full transformation if angered enough. Their charm is nearly irresistible and they have the added perk of not aging and therefore appearing to never grow old.

Half-Blood: A half-blooded Veela will exhibit almost all the traits of their full-blood counterparts. Their abilities will be less than that of a full-blood but still pack a punch. Males running into a half-blooded Veela will have a harder time resisting their charm. Half-bloods, when angered, will not transform. They instead will only exhibit small characteristics of the change such as piercing red eyes. Unlike a full-blooded Veela, a half-blooded Veela will age as a normal human.

Note: Because they are half-breeds, half-Veela may come under the same prejudices that befall other half-breeds, such as werewolves, half-giants etc, though they are more difficult to detect because apart from their great physical beauty, they are otherwise identical to humans.

Quarter-blood or Less: Veela that are ¼ or less will either exhibit limited abilities of their race or nothing at all. Abilities like Charm and dancing will be less powerful than that of a half-blood and they do not have the ability to transform.


Though a Veels’a charm and dancing abilities are some of their greatest assets, they can also be one of their major downfalls. Sometimes their charm will have the opposite effect on men than they are looking for, luring in those who aren’t ideal or have undesirable intentions. Their charm may draw in unwanted attention and for some Veela this can be more than uncomfortable, mostly in the case of half-bloods or less. A Veela’s beauty is a hallmark of their race, as such makes them hard to forget, which can become a downfall if they need to go into hiding.

Also note: As evidenced by Ron and Harry's own attraction to Fleur when she merely entered the room, a Veela's abilities cannot simply be turned on and off. There is some amount of allure always emitted regardless of whether they want it to be present or not. This is a trait they cannot help.