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The Setting

Imagine a world in which you have been enslaved and tortured for no reason but your blood status.

Imagine a world recently shaken by a major political change, a world that has spent three years seemingly alright with everything going on so long as it does not affect them, a world that has enabled your captivity, deprived your children of an education or childhood, and even brainwashed them into the new way of life.

Imagine the feeling of hope being dashed one time too many with the downfall of SAVIOR, the only voice against the attrocities you must face on a daily basis. Imagine you have spent the past few months further resigning yourself to your faith. Master likes this. Life has become easier for you, and despite the fact the abuse still goes on around you, you are numb to it, numb to life.

Imagine there have been hushed conversations between master and his viistors the past two months. Imagine the rumors that have spread, leaving you uncertain as to your fate. After all, if master seems so afraid of whatever is going on, what chance do you stand against it?

In recent months, the lord of the wizarding world of the UK and Ireland has abdicated his post following the abduction of his daughters. Rumors surrounding the realities of the group which has dared to do this has incited both fear and hope in the general populace.

Is this finally it? Is there a chance for change? Only you can decide.

The Plot

The climate is changing in the wizarding world with the abduction of Trevor Williams in the midst of a murder spree at Hogwarts.

The murderer remains unchecked and nothing is seemingly done by the new leader, Teague MacTail, to stop him or protect the students.

The new Minister of Magic, Elias Hunt, is further rocking the boat with new ideas in contrast to the current regime.

Across the pond, the head of Isis, Evie Winslow, is preparing an attack on the wizarding UK and Ireland with hopes of luring the former Lord Williams out of hiding.

Outside the wizarding world, the muggles are nearing discovery of the whereabouts of the vanished wizarding world.

With so many opposing forces, it's only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down.