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Slavery has been a debatable, hot topic throughout history, and here in a Death Eater run wizarding UK and Ireland, it is no different. However, the majority seems to be for it as pureblood supremacy is a concept deeply ingrained in the minds of most of those who remain citizens. For those who don't agree, many find speaking out not ideal for fear of what might happen if they were to be too vocal. They've witnessed the results of protests and what has happened to those who have been caught during such events, and many find themselves not wishing to see the same fates.

Nevertheless, there is still one group of citizens that dare to stand against the institution of slavery, and this group calls themselves S.A.V.I.O.R., Self-Affirmed Victors in Open Rebellion. They are the ones to carry the torch openly and who are ready and willing face whatever consequences may come their way.


Slavery of mudbloods, blood traitors, and their families began as early as 30 June, 2010, when the first official attacks began on the wizarding world as a whole. Small camps were kept in discreet locations where those who were captured during such raids and attacks were taken. On occasion someone who could be of use to the Death Eaters for their trades were captured as well. These included some known wandmakers, cursebreakers, and others. However, for the most part, these camps were comprised of slaves who found themselves captured either during an attack or failure to provide adequate paperwork at certain checkpoints in the wizarding world.

Location & Basic Condition

Today, most slaves are kept in Puxley Manor. They live in one large room divided for males and females. The only source of natural light is a couple small, barred vents that are usually blocked by the growth of grass or weeds. Of course, during storms of any sort, water usually pours into the dungeon room, creating breeding grounds for various diseases and viruses.

The occasional slave finds himself living in the homes of a specific master. While the treatment he receives may not be much better, he is considered lucky. Typically such a slave finds himself with decent clothing, decent food, an adequate bed rather than a mat on the floor and a tattered pillow, blankets, and most of his needs. On some occasions, nevertheless, the master treats the slave worse than he would have been in Puxley. It all boils down to the nature of the master.


In return for such things as very basic clothing, basic shelter, and basic hygenical needs, a slave at Puxley is expected to:

1. Work from sun-up to sun-down on an average day. This includes sweeping, mopping, dusting, cooking, scrubbing, or any whim a guard, who is almost always a Death Eater, has at any given moment.
2. Not talk back. After all, how else can order be kept?
3. Take what is given to him even if it's less than desirable. After all, it's probably all that you deserve.
4. Mind his own business. Slave interaction during work is discouraged and oftentimes punishable as is meddling in the offices of the officials who work at Puxley.

The duties vary from day to day for Puxley slaves. What a general household slave does depends upon his master and what he deems necessary.

Master/Slave Relations

Most slaves have learned to try to mind their own business and stay low on the radar for many reasons. Their "masters" are Death Eaters, and many of them have no personal restraints. Torture of any sort can be dealt on a whim, and there's nothing to stop it. The slave can complain and tell someone, but chances are, if word gets back to the person who wronged him, he'll find himself in far worse shape than he would have otherwise. Overall, it is rare and unheard of that there's a Death Eater who has any form of a heart, but this is a slave's lot in life.

Slave Trafficking

While this trade is not openly condoned by the government, it allows it to go on, turning a blind eye to those who buy and sell slaves. The majority of house slaves are obtained through these means. It's not illegal to own one, so why not capitalize on it? Auctions are held in secret locations to avoid any contact with such groups as S.A.V.I.O.R., broadcasted on the wireless, if one knows the right password. Usually they will utilize taverns, back rooms in clubs, and storerooms for shops where a large stage with an auctioneer stands foremost and bodies of slave auctioneers crowd in where there is space, calling out their bids as slaves are shoved up to the top and displayed for someone to buy. The process is humiliating, but the patrons don't seem to mind.

The slave traffickers themselves are unsavory sorts whose paths one doesn't want to cross. If a person costs a trafficker his bounty, consequences are unsavory if you're not smart enough to get away as quickly as possible.