Project Chimaera

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Project Chimaera

Date of Origin: Around 2001
Heads of Research: Dr. Richard Reynolds, Dr. Harrison Fielding (Former), Dr. Paulette Reaver (former) Dr. Bryson O'Bannon
Assistants: Mathieu Renois, Amandalyn Irving, Torvold Noth, Vernon Chamberlain
Project Manager: Felix Fischer
Status: Current.

Summary: Providing the creation of bio-engineered magical weapons for use to preserve the Death Eater regime, through genetic research of magical-blooded people, fantastical creatures and spell work.

'Known Subjects'
ZERO – Christophe Viridian
01 – Quill Ramesh
05 – Victoria Hammond
07 – Simon Seagram
08 - Gage Barrowman
09 - Lorena Birch
10 - Trenna Wallingford
11 – Ellie Freidman
13 - Asher Castello
15 - Desmond Partridge
16 – Liam O’Donnell
17 – Bridget Callighan

Early Development

Project Chimaera was a secret project that originated in 2001, prior to Voldemort's demise, by Death Eater, Felix Fischer. He gathered a research team to create the project, whose sole purpose was to preserve the welfare of any regime loyals, including but not limited to the Dark Lord. At its inception, it was created to be sold to any faction to the highest bidder, but with the defeat of Lord Voldemort, the plans fell to the wayside. Too stubborn to let go of his ideals, Fischer kept his research running at a private facility outside of London.

When Derrin White took power in around 2008, there was a sliver of hope that he would take Chimaera and bring it along with his campaign to restore the Death Eaters, but due to his untimely demise, those plans never took off. After the rise of Trevor Williams, Chimaera was once again put on the backburner and kept underground. Most recently, Fischer has sought an audience with the new Dark Lord, Teague MacTail, as a contingiency plan to assist the government, since rumors of the Order of the Phoenix have come about after the terror attacks at Diagon Alley and the Ministry.

Test subjects varied over the years, but were eventually picked from Azkaban, after being screened for 'flagged' crimes. Resistance fighters or their known allies made said test subjects jump to the top of the list. Fischer made certain deals with the warden of the prison to keep these dealings quiet.

Subject Zero was ultimately the first one to undergo the treatment and became one of the most powerful of the Chimaera, due to the experimentation starting from scratch. Its blueprints included Bear, Dragon and Werewolf genetics which proved to be violent. There were casualties, including one of the original doctors (Harrison Fielding), and a couple of the assistants on the initial project. Zero was contained and further experimentation and tests were conducted to tame the beast, before moving on to other subjects in the gathered lot. (For more information: See Christophe Viridian)


One must do no violence to nature, nor model it in conformity to any blindly formed chimera. - Janos Bolyai.

Former members of the R&D team developed an Anti-Chimaera following after exposing the knowledge of said testing to anti-government radicals; They have created small groups to protest the existence of the project. Some say that Dr. Ahoudi, who took the research into the muggle realm, was one who started the fire against Project Chimaera.
Not many know about Chimaera, or believe that its existence is true. Due to the high-secrecy of the project, Felix Fischer has issued a notice to the Imperium Guard to detain these radicals by any means necessary.

Known Tests

Dragon - Temperament [Success], Scale-skin [In Progress
Werewolf - Shapeshifting [Success], Enhanced Senses
Bear - Strength [Success], Efficiency/Hibernation [????]
Lizard - Blending [In Development], Climbing
Hawk - Perception [In Testing], Flight [Success]
Veela - [????]
Kelpie - Waterbreathing [Failure/In Progress]
Primate - Intelligence [????]
Bat - Enhanced Senses [In Progress], Flight [Failure]
Cat - Retractable Weaponry (claws) [In Progress], Enhanced Vision [Failure/In Progress]
Goblin - [REDACTED]
Spider - [????]