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31 January 2009: "I have no choice but to take action. This morning, I met with the MI5 director to discuss how to proceed following a month of no contact from the wizarding Minister of Magic, Walter Crane. It is with a heavy heart that I fear we must seek out their whereabouts lest the same fate befall us."

With the disappearance of his only contact within the wizarding world vanished without a trace, Prime Minister Jareth Baldwin was left with no choice but to take action. Should a threat so big as to overtake an entirety sub-society of people exist, he needed assurance his own people would remain safe. He saw to the formation of the MI5 Paranormal Division in early 2009 to seek out stragglers from the wizarding world. As much as fear blossoms with the unknown, it multiplied with the known. Further protective measures became necessary with the discovery of a few helpful wizards and the tales they shared.

The early measures were weapons modifications, armor to protect against spells, and other prototypes which might better equip an army to take on the threat of wizarding hostiles. Yet would they be enough? Without a live battle scenario, would the weapons and the armor be enough to overtake an army of magic-wielding individuals?
During meetings, the topic of a potential "magic gene" became hotly debated, and scientists were tasked with the research. The early findings released in mid-2010 revealed the gene, named XXX, existed. Then, came the next question: did any non-wizard have the gene? Further talk with their wizarding allies introduced the topic of squibs, people of pureblooded magical lineage, and muggle-borns, people born of a lineage which somewhere along the line typically had a squib. Squibs, it was determined, carried a latent form of the gene.


The monsters were the turning point for everything. They were human once, I think. Or humanoid. They certainly looked it, especially as time went by. Eventually, some of the newer ones were able to infiltrate. We thought they were sympathizers, taking us into their homes to provide us a bed for the night. But we soon learned it was every man for himself. They had powers, powers like ours, but without a wand and so amplified in one or two specialties that it was overwhelming. Muggles were disgusted by this but many were willing to overlook it because it was giving an edge, giving them a one-up.
~Delilah Chase, Hello {From the Other Side}

Currently Playable: Few first with a few second generations


2/3 playable spots open.

First generation mutations were horrific, yet they were powerful. Physically grotesque, these mutants are doomed to live life in hiding should they escape the basement holdings of MI5 Paranormal with no recourse.


1/4 playable spots open.

Second generation mutants have seen the phenotype mutations lessened. While they more closely resemble their former self, a disability has been noted each and every time, whether it be blindness, a lost limb, deafness, or something else entirely.


None open at this time.

As creatures were taken in by the Hounds, DNA samples were gathered and replicated unbeknownst to most. At present, there is only one man alive known to be from this line of mutants.

PROJECT STATUS: At this time, all official research into mutant development has been halted for the foreseeable future and Dr. Ahoudi has been laid off.


Well, what do you think I want? I want you to stop. I want you to do the right thing to save humanity. . . . Your nuclear bombs will be our undoing, and you can't tell me you'll be careful. Of course muggles were careful to begin with. But these mutants were living, breathing weapons with minds of their own. Something was bound to go wrong from the beginning. Even our own form of mind control doesn't work indefinitely or against the strong-willed, so whatever control device your insiders may be trying to help you create? Don't buy it. We will all die, Ms. Jones. We will all die if you do not stop this.
~Delilah Chase, Hello {From the Other Side}

As mutants are formed by splicing the magic gene from the genome and injecting it via viral means, the abilities observed have been manifestations of various spells. There has been no connection proven to provide accurate predictability of which ability a subject will obtain with proper placement of the gene. Due to the injection nature, accuracy is not as high as desired although it has been improved over time and several subjects.

Some of the first mutants manifested the three unforgivable spells. Once discovered, they were quickly dealt with due to the aggressive tendencies displayed by the individuals who received this enhancement. To date, any and all subjects are watched closely following injection for these manifestations. Should any show, they are eradicated from the project before they become a liability.

Spells can be gleaned from the following sites:

Harry Potter Lexicon - 1, 2, 3
HP Wiki
Dresden Files Wiki

Please keep in mind all mutant abilities are at the discretion of staff. We will work with you to come up with an alternative should need be. Also, unforgivable curses are forbidden for mutant ability bases.

Pop Culture Examples


Nightcrawler's ability to quickly disappear and reappear in another location is a portrayal of apparating. Deadpool's healing ability is a very clear manifestation of a strong healing spell.
Magneto's ability to attract metal items could be viewed as a highly specified accio summoning spell.
Wolverine's claws could be loosely viewed as an interpretation of sectumsempra.
Mystique's ability to change her appearance could be viewed as an interpretation of the innate metamorphmagus ability.

Doctor Who

The Silence's ability to be seen then forgotten is a portrayal of the obliviate spell.


Any flying superhero could be viewed as a manifestation of wingardium leviosa.