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Seats of Government

Puxley Manor is the current seat of the head of government. From this place, the Lord of the regime (Currently, Teague MacTáil) makes his executive decisions, and all diplomatic meetings are held. The slave trade is run from its lower levels and any mass dealings with slaves are expressly forbidden beyond here.

The Puxley Manor was marked condemned in early 2009, and should any muggles approach, the confundus charm quickly sends them on their way as they remember something forgotten. But charms against muggle invaders aren't the only protective charms on the manor. After all, if the lord of the land works there five days out of the week, security cannot be too lax. In addition to the multiple guards that manage the slaves and serve as protection should an unsavory character approach the manor, anti-apparition spells are in place. No one can apparate within 200 yards of the manor, and a password, which changes daily, is necessary to gain entrance into the manor. Without it, there is no entrance. Once inside, there is a security check that must be passed. As with at the Ministry, one's wand is collected, and the visitor must state his name and business, which are checked against the list the guard has. That done, entrance is granted.

The Ministry of Magic remains the primary location for all remaining aspects of wizarding governance and it is from this location that the Minister of Magic, Elias Hunt, conducts his dealings, the Wizengamot holds its hearings, and magical law enforcement conducts its business.


Blood Status Paperwork

Blood status paperwork has been required since February 28, 2009, for entry and exit from the wizarding world. Those without paperwork find themselves swiftly carted off to Azkaban. As things have progressed, this paperwork has become required to purchase a wand, potions supplies, and other things potentially capable of being used against the government. Everywhere one uses these, a paper trail is established.

The document itself is approximately 6x4.5". Documents run vertically if a minor and horizontally if an adult.

Blood paperwork consists of an image of the person; an eight-digit number (2-4-2 pattern) called the BPN; and their name, address, height, weight, registered wand, blood status, animagus status, etc. The image is charmed to reflect any changes the person has made to their person. Dyed hair, a transfigured eye color, or any other transfiguration-related changes (such as polyjuice) are easily tracked in this fashion. Addresses, heights, weights, and the registered wand automatically change in this fashion, though the wand only changes should the person buy it through a shop, which automatically provides registration with purchase.

There are several spells placed on blood status paperwork to protect from falsified documents and fake IDs. Since the nature of these spells are under speculation, it is extremely difficult. For instance, the spell that causes the statistics and image to change aren't common spells or a single spell but a series and difficult to reverse. There is also a spell that produces a nearly impossible to replicate sheen.

Should a person be wanted for treason, terrorism, or questioning, a flag will appear on the paperwork as soon as the checkpoint worker performs a diagnostic on your paperwork to ensure its validity. It does not appear beforehand, so it is impossible to know. Things that might cause a flag for questioning include failure to purchase things in the wizarding world or at least enter and exit ever so often. However, it should be noted frequent departures to the muggle world can result in questioning or tracking. Checkpoints are manned by civilians, but Imperium Guards stand around to maintain law and order.