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The Beyond Potter series of which Last Resort (LR) is the most recent chapter has been around for ten years this coming October 2015. We've explored the life of other students in Hogwarts during Harry's fourth, fifth, and seventh years. We've watched Voldemort fall. We've watched Death Eaters take over. And now? Now we're watching as the wizarding world prepares to face major exposure following the recent werewolf march through London. So, have we stayed 100% to the storyline provided by the books? Of course not.

Everything with LR is canon through the sixth book. However, as we began the seventh year before Deathly Hallows was even published, we began to deviate at that point. Not all Voldemort's horcruxes were destroyed at that time, allowing for his comeback and subsequent final defeat three years later at the hands of Harry Potter. The hallows were never touched upon as we had no knowledge of their existence. Certain canons had slightly different storylines and even romantic partners.

Voldemort's final defeat in 2000 was followed by eight years of silence during which the Death Eaters regrouped under the leadership of one Derrin White and prepared to accomplish what Voldemort had not: a complete takeover. Of course, it was not Derrin who led the Death Eaters to this victory, for he was killed during the first attack on Hogwarts, the night of December 18, 2008. Instead, it was Trevor Williams who found himself at the head of the wizarding government in the UK and Ireland in 2009 when the takeover was complete.

The Death Eaters destroyed many key Order members in December 2008 through January 2009. Muggle-borns, blood traitors, and others found themselves placed into slavery to purebloods and trusted half-bloods. Hogwarts closed to muggle-borns starting the 2009-2010 school year. Dark Arts became a core subject at the school. Blood Status Paperwork became necessary for any movement within and without the wizarding world of the UK and Ireland or to buy and sell. The remaining Order attempted a revival before self-imploding in late 2011.

We have added our own lore, elaborating on the wizarding world of Japan, adding a few magical creatures such as Garou or Nosferatu. We have added our own resistance groups, some of which have fallen and others of which have come to outsmart the Death Eater regime and are quickly working toward its demise. We believe this openness to member input, plot ideas, and suggestions is something which has aided in our longevity.

The information on our current resistance groups, magical creatures, and other things can all be found in our Explore Our World board.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!